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InSDB workshop on image analysis of time series

Chaitanya Athale and Anushree Chaphalkar TAs: Neha Khetan and Yash Jawale


All the data is stored in the folder:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_NY5i7FD-A_R3NPcS1RVnR3dzg (google drive)


Please note, a small bug in the F0F imageJ code has been fixed. The code now runs completely. The tutorial1.ijm file should help you get started with writing routines, and possibly modifying the Ca-dynamics code. An additional file "stackRoiInt.ijm" has also been added for you to extract the raw intensities from a region of interest (ROI) selected from the DeltaF/F image.
Amtrak is downloadable from Github here: Github/athale/AMTraK
Fiji and ImageJ are preinstalled.
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