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Bio322: Biophysics I


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S. No. Title Due date Form of submission Date posted Additional Information Solution
1 Dimensional analysis and the Olympics of running [pdf] 11-08-16(postponed due to technical problems) Hand-written OR printed, hard copy to be brought to class on 11-08-2016 08-08-16 04-08-16 (glitch fixed 8-8-16) Use any source from the internet, published literature, books etc. Consult freely amongst colleagues. But submit your own assignment.
2 Program code for iterative coin flipping [pdf] 25-08-2016 @0900h Upload in the Google-Classroom interface 23-08-2016 Details on the Google-Classroom site.

Pylab, Scipy and Numpy are needed for you to be able to run the example code. I recommend (but do not insist) that you use Canopy or equivalent IDEs.

To be evaluated in class LHC303 on 25-08-2016. Post-class modifications permitted, but evaluated separately.
3 Assignment 3: Time-dependence of protein lifetime: design an iterative model to reproduce experimental estimates of protein lifetimes, based on S. cerevisae abundance values [PDF] 13-Sep-2016 @1400h Upload *.py code, and output plots in Google-Classroom 25-Sep-2016 Use what you learnt about iterative calculations (Euler finite time-stepping) and Poisson processes (rare events) to iterate over the number of proteins, and generate events of degradation. Compare output lifetime frequency distributions to those measured.

The computer-lab (LHC303) will be made available on 8-Sep-2016 from 9-1200h for help by the TA Neha Khetan

Instructor will evaluate the submission and grade it.
4 Assignment 04: In class assignment and correction
5 Assignment05: Problems relating to entropy, combinations and energetics

Please upload your assignment as a PDF file on this classroom site. The submission date HAS BEEN EXTENDED.

6 Assignment 06: Radius of gyration

Please calculate the Rg for each protein and plot the values as described in the assignment. It will be evaluated in class on Thursday.

Instructions for submisions

Updated: 28 Sep 2016