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BI3144: Cellular Biophysics 1


Lecture notes and lists of items covered during the class will be posted here. This is redundant and sometimes less complete than the Google Classroom. Primarily it is meant for anybody facing problems with the G-Classroom environment due to access, internet speed or computer issues. As a stripped down website it is hoped this is much simpler.
S. No. Title In class discussion
1 Introduction 16-Aug-2021
2 Orders of magnitudes, approximations and dimensional analysis 03, 07, 08, 10-Aug-2020
2 Life and energetics 10, 14-Aug-2021
3 Mechanics and energy minization 14-Aug-2020 onwards
4 Critical reading: Mechanics and optimization in organisms 10-Aug-2020 in class figure-wise discussion of paper

5 Critical reading & presentation (group activity) Imaging, resolution and magnification

FCS Perpsective: Maiti S, Haupts U, Webb W W (1997) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 94:11753–11757, pmid:9342306.

7 Critical reading: Affinity Chromatography 5-Oct-2020

Updated: 3 Aug 2021