Patterns: Physical Principles of Biological Patterns

or what Natural Selection might also be constrained by, in addition to DNA, Protein Information

A summer school lecture and movie session on spatial patterns in biological systems and exploring their physical basis.

Watching List

  1. Bird A. (2015) Apoiological: mathematical speculations about bees. Part 1: Honeycomb Geometry
  2. Spherical Spiral and loxodromes from MATHEMATICA on
  3. On J.T. Bonner and Dicytostelium discoideum: A short documentary
  4. Time-lapse movie of the aggregation of Dicytostelium: Thomas Gregor Lab, Princeton

Reading List

  1. Bonner. The Social Amoebae. The Biology of Cellular Slime Moulds.
  2. C. V. Boys. Soap Bubbles and the Forces Which Mould Them. [Book from arvindguptatoys]
  3. P. Ball. (2001) The Self-Made Tapestry. Pattern Formation in Nature. [Amazon]: Available in the IISER P Library
  4. The Math and the Art of M. C. Escher: Part 1: Tesselation by Polygons
  5. Regular tesselations on Wolfram.mathematica
  6. Dudte et al. (2016) Programming curvature using origami tessellations. Nature Materials 15, 583–588. doi:10.1038/nmat4540. Work from L. Mahadevan's lab

Doing List

  1. Logarithmic spirals: Mathematica, MATLAB code (source)

Updated: 2016/6/8, CAA