IISER Pune Summer Student Programme 2020

for International Students

IISER-Pune invites applications from research oriented students to participate in its Summer Programme for International Students. Successful applicants will have an opportunity to participate in the research programmes of IISER-Pune faculty. Research activities in IISER-Pune span both theory and experiment in Biology, Chemistry, Humanities and Social Sciences, Earth and Climate Sciences, Mathematics and Physics with a strong focus on interdisciplinary research.

This application form is meant for students of educational institutions located outside India.

Eligibility & Requirements

  1. Students currently (at the time of application) studying in the
  2. *    2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of an undergraduate programme
    *    1st or 2nd year of an Masters programme
    *    Doctoral programme
  3. Excellent academic record in their present programme.
  4. Select the labs of the faculty listed in the drop-down lists below through the webpages of the faculty to
    *    You may go through the webpages of the faculty to confirm that your interests overlap and obtain an idea of their research methods
    *    Every project has a requirement in terms of knowledge and skills.
    *    You may list up to 3 faculty as preferences.
  5. Project duration: up to 12 weeks during the period May 15th – August 15th, 2020.

Applicants must use the web-based registration form on this page (below) to apply for the summer programme

Other Details

  1. IISER-Pune will support the selected summer students during the period of the project by providing accommodation and limited financial support towards subsistence.
    However, we are unable to provide any financial support to cover the cost of travel or other costs associated with visa applications.
  2. The performance of students will be evaluated at the end of the project and the same conveyed to your present institution.
  3. The results of the selection process will be conveyed through email by 15th February, 2020
  4. Any query regarding this programme may be addressed to iro@acads.iiserpune.ac.in
  5. Any problem with the web-based registration process may be addressed to Ramana Athreya at rathreya@iiserpune.ac.in
  6. Please do not contact, either by phone or by email, the faculty you have listed for selection information after you have registered.
  7. If you wish to modify your application for whatever reason simply re-register with the changed entries. We will only consider your last entry.

Registration Form

* are mandatory fields

Complete the application process by clicking the submit button at the end of this page after filling in all the relevant fields.

Make sure that your email address is correct and that it will be valid for the next 4 months. Since all contact is only through emails any error in the address will effectively disqualify your application.
This application form is NOT for students studying in an Indian institution

Personal details:
Date of Birth: *
Gender : * Male              Female
Nationality : *
Contact details :                    Email * Phone *

Current Course:
Current Educational Institution :                    Name * Country *
Programme - Year: *
Subjects:                    Major * Minor
If OTHER, specify

Academic Performance During Previous 3 Years (Percentage):
Overall Average during the year Average in Subjects Relevant to the Project
Academic year 2018-19: *
Academic year 2017-18: *
Academic year 2016-17: *

Note: 1. Convert all letter grades into a percentage (your institution should be able to help with the conversion).
         2. Grades of previous 3 years - back to 10th standard, if necessary.
         3. If you have a year's break from education (i.e. a gap year) select GAP against the corresponding year.
         4. If selected for the programme you will have to provide a copy of the transcipt corroborating the above entries.

Project Preference:
1st Preference 2nd Preference 3rd Preference
Project Supervisor: *

Knowledge relevant to the project (max 1000 char; you can rescale the input boxes for convenience):
courses that you have taken - specify the text books followed, previous projects, mathematical and laboratory skills, and anything of relevance to the project

A statement on why you want to do this project (max 1000 char):