Biophysics II: bio435

Classical and statistical mechanics of molecular motors, cells and development. Understanding biological phenomena and complexity with physical techniques, models and concepts.

Updated: 20-Apr-2012

Course contents

  1. a)Mathematics of water:
    Literature for discussion 18-Jan-2012 (contd. 24-Jan-2012) Additional reading: b) Macromolecular crowding
    Literature for discussion 06/07-Feb-2012 Additional reading:
  2. Dynamics of macromolecules: Molecular motors, Cytoskeleton, Mechanics of transcriptional regulation, DNA packaging, Protein folding.
  3. Non-equilibrium approaches: This topic will be introduced and dove-tailed with the biological themes
  4. Biophysics of neurons, muscle cells and stem cells
  5. Tissue dynamics and Development
  6. Literature review
  7. Term paper Propose and defend a 1 year project in biophysics.
  8. Lab
Lecture slides


Lab Pages
  1. Crowding and enzyme kinetics
  2. FRAP in bacteria
  3. Measuring the effect of crowding on diffusive motility
  4. Spatial patterns by diffusion and aggregation
A handy reference for lab-report writing


  1. Physical Biology of the Cell- Philips, Kondev, Theriot
  2. Biological Physics- Philip Nelson
  3. Mechanics of the Cell- David Boal
  4. Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo. Gabor Forgacs and Stuart Newman
  5. Mechanics of Motor Proteins and the Cytoskeleton- Jonathon Howard
  6. Journals:
    • Physical Biology "Physical Biology publishes research on the quantitative characterization and understanding of biological systems at different levels of complexity."
    • Biophysical Journal "Biophysical Journal is the leading international journal for original research in molecular, cellular, and systems biophysics."


2h per week

Mon 0930-1030h

Wed 0930-1030h

Venue: C301

Dr. Chaitanya Athale- timings: Fri 2-3pm

  1. Dr. Roop Malik (TIFR, Mumbai) - 2 lectures
    Time: 0930-1130h, Date: 25 Jan 2012, Location: Sai Trinity (room C-306 'bio-tutorial room)
  2. Dr. Pranay Goel on "Neurons, membrane potential and nerve conduction physics"
    Date: 22 and 27 Feb 2012, Location: C301, HR4 lecture theatre, IISER main campus.

Mid-Semester Exam: 03-Mar-2012

End-Semester Exam: 25-Apr-2012, Time: 1430-1730h (2:30-5:30pm)