As a part of the Exciting Science Group’s (NCL, Pune) activities I have been giving talks at local schools on “The atomic unit of life” [click here for the full slideshow]. The talks in 2014 were at

  • KC Thakerey Vidyaniketan
  • Dr. Vasantdada Patil Vidyaniketan
  • Hutatma Balvir Vidyaniketan
  • ESG Sunday Talks at NCL Innov. Park

Just as much as the talks are aimed at exciting students in the sciences, it was also quite exciting for me. Here are some pictures from the talks.

We are currently using a single (old release) of the Intel Play QX3 microscope, which is sold as a toy. The computer interface is through a program miXscope (ver. 3.3.1, Eric Hangfester, EdH Software LLC).

Cellphone pic of a pollen grain

Pollen grain from a garden flower through the compound microscope (400x)

Looking through the compound microscope: In search of pollen

Fun in the classroom through the objective lens

Students adjusting the Intel Play QX3 microscope to focus on pollen

Intel QX3 Play microscope

The QX3 in the classroom

Displaying the view of the QX3 on the computer.

A picture of the Intel QX3 Play usb microscope

Demonstration microscope of choice: Intel QX3 Play usb microscope

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