Open Positions

PhD, intPHD candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows

(A) Current openings:

Opportunities in my lab in 2020-August-PhD, iPhD and postdoc.

PhD, integrated PhD (iPhD) candidates from a background in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Systems and Synthetic Biology, Biological Physics and Protein Biochemistry


  • Computer Simulations of collective-properties in microtubule transport by motors
  • Programming image-analysis tools to infer dynamics of single microtubule filament transport in vitro and in vivo
  • Pattern recognition from images using machine learning (AI/ML/DL) for improved quantitative cell biology of C. elegans

    1. In vitro reconstitution of flagella like patterns of microtubule oscillations (protein biochemistry+microscopy)
    2. Cell polarisation reconstituted using lipid-bilayers and dynein motor protein (Protein engineering, in vitro reconstitution, lipids, microscopy)
    3. Purification and polymerisation dynamics in spectrometry and microscopy for measuring kinetics of tubulin polymerisation from diverse plant sources (affinity chromatography, protein purification, spectrometry, dynamic light microscopy, label-free imaging at 100 nanometer resolution)
    4. Engineering bacterial cytoskeletal proteins to unravel systems network of cell division

    In case of interest in any of these projects, email me with your interest and motivationPHD SELECTIONS 2023-August Intake Details on the IISER Pune main page:

    Last date to apply: Selections are done for Aug-2023. For those still interested please look out for the December-2023 selections (interviews usually in Oct/Nov of the same year).

    [PhD admissions page]

    We are always excited to host Postdoctoral candidates with an interest in any of the topics above. [CURRENT opening= application cycle via the NPDF scheme]. Email me in case of interest

    (B) National Postdoctoral Fellows (NPDF): The SERB funded support for a postdoctoral experience in the lab could be either in computer simulations of Microtubule-Motor systems, or the purification of novel tubulins (experimental biochemistry and microscopy).

    We are currently NOT hiring semester trainees or interns

    Summer trainees are taken through the institute’s central Summer Research Fellowship programme

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