Online lectures

  1. Cellular Biophysics: A Framework For Quantitative Biology: All video lectures available free on YouTube:
  2. BT39: Cellular Biophysics: For a formal online lecture series (8 weeks) with exams and certification login toNPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning)

    • Week 1: Concepts in fluid dynamics as they apply to cellular scale life
    • Week 2: Diffusion & Macromolecular crowding
    • Week 3: Dynamics of macromolecules: Cytoskeleton
    • Week 4: Molecular motors and Brownian Ratchets
    • Week 5: The rate equation paradigm and genetic networks
    • Week 6: Noise in biological systems
    • Week 7: Turing patterns in embryogenesis
    • Week 8: Mechanics in embryogenesis and Future directions
  3. 5-Aug-2021 Cell shape and intracellular flows with DIC object detection by Chaitanya Athale – Imaging ONEWORLD Roy. Microsc. Soc, UK

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