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2022/04/03: Our old work is featured in a Blog from iGEM commemorating world TB day Stories, announcements, and insights from around the iGEM community

2019/11/15: The study by Yash^2 (Yash Joshi and Yash Jawale), begun as a part of iGEM2017, on re-designing a dual-feedback genetic oscillator is accepted as a paper in the APS Journal Phys. Rev. E. “Modeling the tunability of the dual feedback genetic oscillator”.

2019/11/05: The IISER-Pune-India iGEM2019 team has been awarded a silver medal for their efforts! Great job team. Some interesting comments from the measurement committee to Varsha who focused on measurements.

IISER Pune iGEM2019 team members

IISER Pune iGEM2019 team members

2019/08/20: The wiki with documentation can be seen on the 2019iGEM webisite- wiki

iGEM 2019 Team Logo

iGEM 2019 Team Logo: Mutation to optimize lead biosensing

2019/05/01: The iGEM2019 team is assembling and taking shape.

2017/11/13: At the Giant Jamboree in Boston the IISER-Pune-India team wins a Silver Medal. Also nominated for Safety Commendation. See the full results of the Jamboree here.

YouTube Video of the 2017 iGEM @iiserpune team

2017/10/06: The first of the many steps in cloning genes- 3A assembly to PCR-based ligation free cloning are beginning to show results. Time to start charachterizing the parts, one part at a time. In the meantime, the wiki design is set and we seem to be in for a fun ride.

Logo on the web page


2017/09/20: Tickets are booked for the Giant Jamboree! All set for Boston, to boldly go where no synthetic biologist has gone before (to rephrase Star Trek).

2017/07/15, 16: The India and Regional Meetup ended on a high. With talks from almost ALL india-based teams and a pleasant surprise with speakers over Skype from Pakistan, we were in for a fun ride – both the science and the catching up. Some videos of the talks are publicly available.

India meetup: Robert Ramirez Garcia

2017/6/23: On the dictum of “I measure, therefore I am a biophysicist”, the team is almost done with some fun with the calibrated measurement of gene expression, also known in iGEM terms as the “Measurement Track”. This time it has become a must do event, since it is necessary to qualify even for a bronze medal. The value of this to data-reproducibility is high and we look forward to seeing the consortium results.

iGEM2017 IISER Pune Team

Young and hopeful members of the iGEM2017 IISER Pune Team

2017/3/1: The IISER Pune iGEM team in 2015 worked on a project we referred to as “Mycobacterium revelio” and you can read all about it on both the 2015.igem.org site as well as the PLoS One report.

The IISER Pune iGEM2015 logo

IISER Pune iGEM2015: Mycobacterium revelio

With the aim of using regulatory elements of DNA to program new behaviour at an organism level, the synthetic biology practised in the international genetically engineered machines (iGEM) contest is at the interface of many exciting areas: computaitonal biology, biophysics, cell biology, gene regulation, network dynamics and applied biotechnology (to name a few).

This year, in 2017 we hope to assemble a team and try some new things with synthetic biology.

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