COVID Response

The nature of the pandemic has affected all spheres of life. In our little way by attempting to join forces with researches in India and elswehere we have tried to make a difference.

  • Logo of the Shastri InstituteCOVID diagnostic tool development using Synthetic Biology: Project funded by the Shastri Institute for Indo-Canadian Cooperation COVID-19 rapid response grant. In collaboration with Dr. Keith Pardee, Univ. of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Pardeee’s lab has a track record in Synthetic Biology and deploying it for healthcare needs.
  • Volunteering: Multiple lab members PhD students, Postdocs, Masters students and the PI have all volunteered over the past year in the COVID-19 PCR test centre. The IISER Pune Corona Test Centre (CTC) activities have for the moment been suspended.
  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada funded project for rapid surge capacity for COVID testing in collaboration with Dr. Keith Pardee, and labs accross South America- Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

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