Mac for scientific computing

Some VERY USEFUL programming tips from Jim Germain, U-Utah. Particularly useful for bare-bones scientific coding.

Some steps in installing MAC PORTs on a MAC BOOK PRO (OSX 10.12.1) Sierra or how to turbocharge your Mac (terminal-ly speaking):

1. Ensure your root password is turned on

2. Refer to the manual of Mac ports

3.  Download the pkg file with the Mac Posts for Sierra

Octave packages can be installed based on this set of instructions but briefly:

1. download the package in *.tar.gz format

2. cd to the directory and run Octave

3. Run the command $pkg install mypack.tar.gz
If no errors show up, that’s great. Usually some dependencies might be missing.

Snippets of things that didn’t work and workarounds for MAC OSX intel systems.

  • Octave not installing on sudo ports install octave. Solution: Install a flavour
port install octave +accelerate +gcc45
  • In a Linux box if you need to know if the system is 32bit or 64bit, the command is:

uname -a

which should give X86_64 or X86_32.


getconf LONG_BIT

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