Bicycle as a traffic decongestant

One of the solutions for the traffic woes of Pune

Given the increasing density of traffic and its effect on the quality of life of the city, one of the most neglected means of personal transport is the bicycle. An eloquent picture to it.

Hiking from Pune is a “piece of cake”, given its proximity to mountains, valleys and forts of some interest. One of the close and easy to climb forts happens to be Lohagad. Approachable from Mumbai and Pune, its a longish walk from the base, and finally a steep climb up stairs to the main “darwaja”. The newly installed darwaja has a Pune hand apparently.

The view from above when the clouds cleared was to be seen to be believed.

Lohagad in June

Lohagad: Above the clouds

A 60 km drive from Pune southwards, is the fort Rajgad. An easy route up is via village Pal (Pali Darwaja) which is reached most easily via Nasrapur, Margasni and Sakhar. The slightly more exciting route is the Padmavati machi route via a “chor wat”- thieve’s way. Start point is the village Gunjavne, approach is the same: Nasrapur->Margasni->Sakhar. 2h on a rainy day to reach the gate. The last bits can be a bit tricky in the rains.

A picture of a walk on the ramparts of Rajgad

Rajgad Ramparts: Walking on the edge

Piles of trashed bottles from drinking water.

Bottled water- the day after

The increasing trash due to plastic-water-bottles (PET) has led to organized and disorganized mountains of plastic garbage in parts of the world. Public clean water taps are the solution. But in the name of privatization of water, this opportunity to save ourselves from sinking in garbage might be lost.

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