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Visitor from Rome

Garima Verma, a PhD student candidate at the University of Rome, Italy will be visiting us for a few months. Garima is working in the lab of Dr. Grigioni Mauro, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, e Umberto Nanni del Dipartimento di Ingegneria … Continue reading

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Immunotherapy: the next frontier in rational anti-cancer drugs?

The recent approvals of chimeric antigen receptor t-cell (CART) therapy for commercial use has triggered renewed interest in both the immune-biology and molecular details of how cancers evade the immune system, but also generally the utility of “Synthetic Cell Biology” … Continue reading

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Synthetic morphogenesis at EMBL Heidelberg

The use of synthetic biology in engineering biological systems has been rapidly expanding. the conference at EMBL Heidelberg from 17-20 March 2019 on “Synthetic Morphogenesis: From Gene Circuits to Tissue Architecture” highlighted this in the context of understanding growth and … Continue reading

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One, many and the nanometer collective: Dynein gliding assays show the way

Our 5 year long study on dynein can be summarized in the “one, many and collective” phrase. We have been able to show that teams of motors on a surface in a gliding assay appear to transport different lengths of … Continue reading

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Field microscope

After collecting a small personal museum of microscopes (I don’t have a very big house, so there are limits to it), it was thrilling to complete a project with Yash (BS-MS 2018) and Prof. Rapol in Physics @iiserpune, where we … Continue reading

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On Bacterial Size

Our supporting data relating to the work published by Manasi Gangan and me in Roy. Soc. open science are now available for anybody who wishes to use them at DataDryad Data from: Threshold effect of growth rate on population variability … Continue reading

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Foldscope ver.2

A weekend coffee well spent assembling the Foldscope

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EMBO Workshop on Size and Shape

Chaitanya Athale just returned from an exciting meeting at NCBS Bangalore (ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು) on physical principles of development and morphogenesis. Meeting old friends and making new ones. The most striking images were from Olivier Hamant, ENS Lyon France & Sainsbury Labs … Continue reading

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Best Poster Award to Kunalika Jain at the Gordon Conference

Kunalika Jain from the lab has received a 3D printed Microtubule as a best-poster award at the 2017 Gordon Conference on Motile and Contractile Systems

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Latex: Better Scientific Documentation

Bibtex Otherwise my favourite means of maintaining bibliographies. A small list of useful bibstyle files that I needed to modify Journal Citation type Reference type .bst file Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy (PINSA) (Athale and Chaudhari 2010) For … Continue reading

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