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Cellular biophysics courses at Bachelor-Masters level

India Biophysics at All India Insitute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi: MSc, MD and PhD in Biophysics: Mostly structural biology, biostatistics, mathematical biology and genomics National Institute for Medical Health and Allied Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore: Dept. of Biophysics offers MPhil, … Continue reading

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Label Free Microtubule Microscopy

The exciting work of Mohammed Mahamdeh and Joe Howard (J.Microsc. prompted me in the December break from teaching in 2018 to try and reproduce it, using the Nikon TiE inverted epifluorescence microscopy in the lab. With the able presence … Continue reading

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Synthetic morphogenesis at EMBL Heidelberg

The use of synthetic biology in engineering biological systems has been rapidly expanding. the conference at EMBL Heidelberg from 17-20 March 2019 on “Synthetic Morphogenesis: From Gene Circuits to Tissue Architecture” highlighted this in the context of understanding growth and … Continue reading

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Check out our “OpenPositions” page- an offer for a computational project paid as Project Assistant for training in Biological Image analysis under a BigData framework. Last date for applications 30/12/2017. To know more about the larger context, refer to Stephens … Continue reading

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Post-publication review and PLOS’ experiment with the Synthetic Biology Collection

The iGEM 2015 synthetic biology contest was an important one for us. It marked our first attempt at putting together a project from IISER Pune. But beyond the novelty for us, many things were different this time around (#igem2015). First … Continue reading

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The new biologists fashion: Bacterial Physiology- Bringing back the old stuff

The “post-antibiotic era” announced by the WHO, which was an update from April-2015 of an older report [1], suggests the need to understand bacteria is urgent as it ever was. We have been sailing the winds of Fleming from his … Continue reading

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Altschuler et al. (2008) On the spontaneous emergence of cell polarity

Altschuler SJ, Angenent SB, Wang Y, Wu LF (2008) On the spontaneous emergence of cell polarity. Nature. 454(7206): 886-889. The authors describe a model of spontaneous cell polarization with a positive feedback. Drawing on an evolutionary model of “stepping stone” … Continue reading

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