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Commentaries on papers that have appeared in related areas. Particular attention is focused on patterning, self-organization and related aspects of ‘systems’ level studies that attempt an integration.

Pausing and Reflecting on iGEM with former Students

A recently organized workshop at Pune university virtually invited me to speak about iGEM and synthetic biology. It was an opportunity for me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while- have a dialogue with some of … Continue reading

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How to succeed at interviews for research positions

Given that we work in a research institute, it is often our job to take on trainees, pre-PhD candidates, post-doctoral researchers and even fellow faculty applicants. I will focus currently only on the amusing incidents (that also highlight a potential … Continue reading

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Check out our “OpenPositions” page- an offer for a computational project paid as Project Assistant for training in Biological Image analysis under a BigData framework. Last date for applications 30/12/2017. To know more about the larger context, refer to Stephens … Continue reading

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On choosing a research problem

One of the big questions facing (especially) young researchers, at the anvil of choosing a research career, is finding a problem. There are many ways to go about doing this. Follow the leader: One can find a big and successful … Continue reading

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Ethics in Science

A superficial reading of popular media on science plagiarism, doctored results, falsification, backstabbing, sabotage appear to suggest that these have spilt over only recently from other hyper-competitive professions. But appearances are deceptive. This (as with many other human traits) has … Continue reading

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Pet physicist

#petphysicist2 is up! Enjoy #petphysicist1: The first in a series. Inspired by discussions with experimental biologists, physicists and close friends. None of the characters are meant to harm any person, animal or idea.

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Altschuler et al. (2008) On the spontaneous emergence of cell polarity

Altschuler SJ, Angenent SB, Wang Y, Wu LF (2008) On the spontaneous emergence of cell polarity. Nature. 454(7206): 886-889. The authors describe a model of spontaneous cell polarization with a positive feedback. Drawing on an evolutionary model of “stepping stone” … Continue reading

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