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Advice on asking me for recommendation letters

Since I have had to clarify this on numerous occasions to multiple people who’ve passed through my lab, this is a convenient place to put all these thoughts in one place. Also acknowledgement to the legendary John Eisen (of metagenomics … Continue reading

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Loads of pain converting simulation output (ppm and TIF) time series into a movie format that a journal likes has led me to start this page. Heres a list of standard ffmpeg (Mac OSX 10.12.3, Terminal) tools used on Terminal … Continue reading

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Check out our “OpenPositions” page- an offer for a computational project paid as Project Assistant for training in Biological Image analysis under a BigData framework. Last date for applications 30/12/2017. To know more about the larger context, refer to Stephens … Continue reading

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By Jupyter

First steps in installing Jupyter on my Mac OSX 10.12.6 Sierra Getting the Xcode command line tools Install MacPorts Install Python 3.5 >>sudo port install python35 Install PIP from their site using a curl script to get the most updated … Continue reading

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Post-publication review and PLOS’ experiment with the Synthetic Biology Collection

The iGEM 2015 synthetic biology contest was an important one for us. It marked our first attempt at putting together a project from IISER Pune. But beyond the novelty for us, many things were different this time around (#igem2015). First … Continue reading

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Ethics in Science

A superficial reading of popular media on science plagiarism, doctored results, falsification, backstabbing, sabotage appear to suggest that these have spilt over only recently from other hyper-competitive professions. But appearances are deceptive. This (as with many other human traits) has … Continue reading

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