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Advice on asking me for recommendation letters

Since I have had to clarify this on numerous occasions to multiple people who’ve passed through my lab, this is a convenient place to put all these thoughts in one place. Also acknowledgement to the legendary John Eisen (of metagenomics … Continue reading

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Pausing and Reflecting on iGEM with former Students

A recently organized workshop at Pune university virtually invited me to speak about iGEM and synthetic biology. It was an opportunity for me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while- have a dialogue with some of … Continue reading

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How to succeed at interviews for research positions

Given that we work in a research institute, it is often our job to take on trainees, pre-PhD candidates, post-doctoral researchers and even fellow faculty applicants. I will focus currently only on the amusing incidents (that also highlight a potential … Continue reading

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Black(board) to basics

After going though iterations of PowerPoint, Keynote, LaTex Beamer and other modes of discussing my class, I have tired of them all. And the horrifying realization that research out there exists demonstrating low learning outcomes from SlideShow warrior classsrooms added … Continue reading

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