Histone H3.1t

Tissue specific histone H3 variant is expressed exclusively in testis and restricted to primary spermatocytes (PMID: 8986613). Nap2 is reported to facilitate efficient nucleosome assembly with H3.1t/H4 in in vitro conditions (PMID: 18281699). Nucleosomes containing H3.1t in place of conventional H3 are found to be structurally very unstable in both, in vivo and in vitro conditions. This property is thought to be important for the dense packaging of chromatin inside sperms (PMID: 20498094).

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Histone H3.1t (H3/t, H3t) infosheet
UniprotKB AccessionQ16695
Alternative Name(s)H3/g
No. of coding genesHistone H3.1t is coded by following 1 non-allelic gene/s
Gene namehistone cluster 3, H3
Gene symbolHIST3H3
Promoter region (-700 TSS +300)Get sequence
Previous Symbol/sH3FT
AliasesH3t, H3/g
Chromosomal location1q42.13
RefSeq mRNANM_003493.2
RefSeq ProteinNP_003484.1
Disease associationsNo disease associations known for Histone H3.1t

Histone H3 variants Histone H3-like centromeric protein A, Histone H3.1, Histone H3.1t, Histone H3.2, Histone H3.3, Histone H3.3C