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IISER Pune and its Journey:
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Institute Profile Book 2020



IISER Pune 10 years Brochure
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Annual Reports

The Annual Report documents all the research and education related activities carried out at the institute during that year. It contains information regarding academic activities of the faculty; awards and honors received; conferences, workshops, symposia organized; etc.















Department and Faculty Profiles

Departmental profiles: Research at IISER Pune focuses on various subjects. Click the flipbooks below to know more about each department.

Biology (2006-2015)
Chemistry (2006-2014)
Maths (2006-2014)
Physics (2006-2015)
IISER Pune Biology Discipline Profile
IISER Pune Chemistry Discipline Profile
IISER Pune Mathematics Discipline Profile
IISER Pune Physics Discipline Profile
Faculty Profile
(See Faculty page for current listing)
Research in varied areas of science is currently being pursued at IISER Pune. View the brochures below to know more about the specific areas of interest of each faculty member.
IISER Pune Faculty Profile Book
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Endowment Report 2019-20








Outreach and International Relations
International Collaborations (2017)







Outreach Activities
IISER Pune Outreach Brochure
IISER Pune's commitment to improving science education extends to increasing awareness about science among those outside the field. We aim spread the joy of doing science to students, teachers, parents as well as general public in a bid to improve scientific literacy and emphasize the importance of science in day-to-day life. To this end, IISER Pune is engaged in several academic and social outreach activities. View the flipbook to know more.

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Founded in 2010 by a group of IISER Pune students, Disha is a voluntary organisation striving to bring quality education to underprivileged youngsters and to change their lives for the better. Disha believes in making their childhood brighter and to let the children take their imagination beyond the grey walls of their class rooms. Abhyasika (Sanjay Gandhi Vasahat & Lamanvasti); Science Nurture Program; Talk for Twenty; Mind Spark; Yearly Activities; Vigyan Mela; Spread the Smile are some of activities that Disha regularly undertakes. Know more about Disha. See magazine: Pahal.


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