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Student Life 

Student life at IISER is vibrant and can be a very enriching experience. Going beyond the call of academic work, there are several student organisations/clubs devoted to sports, entertainment, recreation and a variety of other fields of interest. Each of these activities is overseen by a faculty coordinator under the umbrella of Committee on Student Activities (COSA). As part of these clubs, the students meet regularly and organize events, workshops, field trips, lectures and other activities.

Karavaan (annual cultural festival), Mimamsa (annual inter-collegiate quiz contest), and clean-up drives (by Prutha, the environment club) are some of the regular and successful endeavours run by the students' bodies.

IISER Pune has a vibrant sports culture. IISER Pune contingents regularly represent the institute at the Inter-IISER Sports Meet (IISM). See IISER Pune's Sports Event Calendar for 2019-20.

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The links below provide a glimpse of various student club activities:

  1. Aakashganga

  2. Aroha

  3. Disha

  4. Drama Club

  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell

  6. Esperanto Club

  7. Hindi

  8. Iplug

  9. Kaleidoscope

  10. Karavaan

  11. Literary Club

  12. Marathi Club

  13. Maths Club

  14. Mimamsa

  15. Prutha

  16. Quiz Club

  17. Satrangi Club

  18. Science Club


  20. Sports Club

  21. TEDxIISERPune Club

  22. Yogen - Yoga Club

  23. Yoga Sessions

You can also read here about trajectories that some alumni from the IISERs followed after their graduation, to know about how their time at IISER shaped their future careers in various ways.

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