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Editorial Board Memberships 

Several IISER Pune faculty are members of Editorial Boards of academic journals:

Nixon Abraham
Review Editor, Frontiers in Neuroscience (Frontiers in Neuroanatomy ) (since June 2018)

V.G. Anand 
International Advisory Board Member, Macroheterocycles
Nirmalya Ballav 
Editorial Board Member, ISRN Spectroscopy
Deepak Barua
Associate Editor, Journal of Ecology (since December 2017)
Mousomi Bhakta
Associate Editor, Boundary Value Problem (since June 2020)
Anup Biswas
Editorial Board Member, Annals of Applied Probability (since 2018)
Harinath Chakrapani
Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports (since June 2017)
Sutirth Dey
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Theoretical Biology (since 2015)
Deepak Dhar
Associate Editor, Journal of Statistical Physics (since 2005)
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Staistical Mechanics (since 2006)
Editorial Board Member, Pramana (2008-2014)
Editorial Board Member, Physical Review E (2008-2013)
Editorial Board Member, Physica A (1998-2004)
Sanjeev Galande (currently on lien to Shiv Nadar University)
Editorial Board Member, Genes and Genetic Systems (Genetics Society of Japan) (since 2015)
Editorial Board Member, Zoology (Elsevier) (since 2018)
K.N. Ganesh 
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Organic Chemistry (ACS–International Editorial Advisory Board)
Editorial Board Member, Chemistry – An Asian Journal (Wiley, Germany)
International Advisory Board Member, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (Germany)
Editorial Board Member, Artificial DNA:PNA, XNA (Landbiosciences, U.S.A.)
Editorial Board Member, Oligonucleotides (Mary Ann Liebert Inc, U.S.A.)
Editorial Board Member, Nature: Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Co-Editor, ACS Omega for India
Aurnab Ghose
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Biosciences (March 2017 to March 2020)
Review Editor, Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (since March 2015)
Sujit K. Ghosh
Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports (since 2015)

Partha Hazra 
Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports (January 2017 to January 2019)
Krishanpal Karmodiya
Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports Nature Publishing Group (since June 2015)
Shabana Khan
Editorial Advisory Board Member, Organometallics (American Chemical Society) (January 2018 to December 2020)
M.S. Madhusudhan
Editorial Board Member, Biology Direct (since 2012)
Ayan Mahalanobis
Editorial Board Member, International Mathematical Forum (since 2014)
John Mathew
International Advisory Board Member, British Journal for the History of Science (British Society for the History of Science) (since April 2017)
Rama Mishra 
Editorial Board Member, American Journal of Mathematical Analysis, Science Education Publishing, U.S.A.
Sunil Mukhi
Editorial Board Member (Physics), Current Science (since November 2014)
Editorial Board Member, Journal of High Energy Physics (since July 1997)
Arvind Natu
Editorial Board Member, Indian Drugs
Satishchandra Ogale
Editorial Advisory Board Member, Energy and Environmental Science, Royal Society of Chemistry
Editorial Advisory Board Member, Sustainable Energy & Fuels, Royal Society of Chemistry
Editorial Advisory Board Member, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, American Chemical Society
Editorial Advisory Board Member, Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group
Editorial Board Member, JPhys Energy, IOP Publishing (September 2020 onward)

Thomas Pucadyil
Editorial Board Member, Traffic (2021 onward)
Guest Editor, Current Opinions in Cell Biology (Special Issue on Membrane Trafficking, 2021)
Associate Editor, Molecular Membrane Biology (2019-2020)
M.S. Santhanam 
Editorial Board Member, Physics Education
Kundan Sengupta
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Biosciences
Handling Editor [Molecular & Cell Biology], Science Matters
Associate Editor [Nuclear Organisation and Dynamics], Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (since 2021)
L.S. Shashidhara  (currently on lien to Ashoka University)
Associate Editor, Current Science (since 2013)
Editorial Board Member and MS Handling Editor, Scientific Reports (since 2011)
Associate Editor, Journal of Genetics (since 2007)
Pushkar Sohoni
Associate Editor, South Asian Studies (British Association of South Asian Studies) (since 2015)
Tarun Souradeep
Editorial Board Member, Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences) (since January 2018)
Jayant B. Udgaonkar
Member, Editorial Board, Folding and Design (1996-98)
Member, Editorial Board, Protein Engineering, Design and Selection (since 2003)
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Biochemistry (2013-2015)
Associate Editor, Biochemistry (since 2015)
Guest Editor [Section on Folding and Binding], Curr. Opin. Struct Biol. (2013, 2016)
R. Vaidhyanathan
Advisory Board Member, Nature Scientific Reports (since February 2017)