where tomorrow’s science begins today
An Autonomous Institution, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India


About Institution- Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Pune (IISER Pune) is an autonomous institution established by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India with the vision & mission – where teaching and education is totally integrated with state-of-the art research. BS-MS dual Degree program, PhD and integrated PhD are the main academic programmes of the institute. Our slogan is “Where tomorrow’s science begins today”.

Introduction- It is widely understood that, the educational success of a residential programme strongly depends on the campus environment and comfortable living conditions given to the students. This can be possible by provisioning a wide range of facilities, moral and other support to the students. A comprehensive Hostel Management system is the key factor of student’s success. IISER, Pune has the following systems and set up of Hostel Management:-

Management Authority- includes Administrative Officer & staff, Warden & Hostel Manager, Faculty and a group of students.


  • Location - IISER, Pune is located at a prominent place of Pune having mixed taste of perfect living in rural & urban locality.
  • Building - Two sets of nine storied buildings, well spread area, perfect view points areconstructed & endowed with modern amenities. Buildings have a 24X7 water & electricity supply and fire control system. Separate floors are given to boys & girls.
  • Living rooms- Properly constructed and well ventilated, supplied with full set of furniture, bed, mattress etc.
  • Toilet & Bathroom- Common type, with hot & normal water available.
  • Common Room/TV Room/Assembly Room – These rooms are located on different floors convenient to the students. Rooms are well equipped. Common rooms are provided with internet/WiFi facility.
  • Others – Sufficient drinking RO/packaged water is made available on each floor. Each floor has washing machine and cloth drying space & stands.

Food & Refreshment - Outsourced caterers provide food & refreshment. Proper rate contracts are done. Functioning of Mess is monitored by a group of staff from Administration, Faculty, and students by forming “Mess monitoring committee”.  Refreshments are available almost round the clock.


  • Hostel Managers: Available from Monday to Saturday as follows: Mr. Ramlal Choudhary -  8:15 am to 4:30 pm; Ms. Irfana Kureshi - 11:45 am to 7:15 pm
  • Security staff: Available round the clock.
  • Housekeeping staff: Available from 06 am to 10 pm in the night
  • Maintenance staff: Electrician, Plumber & Carpenter are available 24X7.
  • Complaint/Suggestion book: Students complaints are rectified immediately/ as soon as possible. Suggestions are welcomed and considered with serous intention.
  • Transport: Outsourced Ambulance, Bus and Light Motor vehicles are available. City Bus stand is just in front of IISER main gate.
  • Banking: A branch of ‘State Bank of India’ (SBI) is located nearby. SBI ATM is available in IISER Campus. 

Sports, Gymnasium, Music & Cultural Program – Playgrounds for outdoor games like football, volley ball, basket ball, handball and cricket; and indoor games like table tennis and badminton are available. Annual and seasonal sport meets are also organized time to time. A gymnasium and a Music Room with sufficient instruments & equipment are available in the campus. Cultural programs are also organized from time to time. Students participate in social work with local NGOs/social organizations. Students take parts in the celebration to mark important days like “Republic Day”,  “Independence day”, and religious festivals.

Medical –

  • Wellness Clinic- Medical facilities on routine and emergencies are provided by doctors and paramedical staff (nurses). General medicines/sports medicine and first aid are provided 24X7.
  • Hospital Facility- Nearby hospitals extend support in treatment on CGHS rates.

Help & Welfare- The students are taken care of by providing help & welfare in following means:

  • COSA Committee- A group of Faculty members form the “Committee On Student’s Activities" (COSA) to look after all student-related matters including welfare, help, complaints and suggestions.
  • Psychological Counseling- A comprehensive psychological support is provided to the needy students by a group of Faculty members with the help of a trained Psychologist.
  • Women Redresal Committee- This committee is handling the cases of ragging & sexual harassment of any kind and proper moral support is being provided to girl students & female staff.
  • Medical help- Medical emergencies are handled by doctors and nurses. Parents are informed whenever required. An ambulance vehicle is outsourced for evacuation to hospital. Students are helped in obtaining medical insurance for hospitalization expenses.
  • Guest House- Parent and relatives (in special cases) of the students are accommodated on demand.
  • Travel- Students are helped in ticket booking for their travels to home or other locations.
  • Approach- Students can approach Director, Registrar, Admin Officer, HOD, Faculty, Warden and Hostel Manager any time personally or, through email and phone for any kind of help.

Guest Management- Besides parents and relatives of the students, the guests like participants of Seminar/Conference/Workshop are also accommodated and provided proper hospitality.

Security- The whole campus is guarded by security staff 24X7. Students and staff are issued Identity Cards. Entry and exit points are properly monitored. Compound walls are intact.

Moral education-

  • Health Education: Awareness on hygiene and sanitation is provided to the students. Periodical notes on health matters, prevention and precaution of seasonal diseases are circulated periodically.
  • Security awareness: Staff and students are given security awareness from time to time.
  • Conservation of water & electricity: Such awareness is often given.
  • Awareness of fire hazard- Proper precaution is taken and the staff & students are made aware of fire hazard with lesson plan and practices.
  • Social work: Students are encouraged to participate in social work with local NGOs & organizations engaged in helping poor and needy people.
  • Hostel infrastructure management and planning: Infrastructure is properly managed and the staff & students are educated on optimum use of hostel infrastructure & equipment.
  • Financial Management: Staff and students are educated on financial management. Help is sought from local financial advisors whenever necessary.
  • Garbage & Biomedical waste disposal- All are educated time to time on this matter.