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At IISER Pune we believe in mutually beneficial collaborative endeavours that increase the productive output of all involved. As a research-intensive teaching institute, we have a lot to offer to potential partners in various arenas.


To facilitate cooperation with educational institutions and other scientists in various fields, IISER Pune has initiated partnerships with several research organizations, universities and industries in India, as well as internationally.

In today's era of multi-disciplinary research, we welcome partnerships with industry.
Spanning over Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Earth Science, our faculty members are engaged in expanding frontiers of knowledge in all areas of science. With cutting-edge research facilities, IISER Pune offers technical and speciality expertise of the highest quality. As a training institute, we also generate skilled and well-trained researchers ready to take on the challenges in industry.

As a corporate organization, a partnership with IISER Pune can help you in a variety of ways.


Research areas of each faculty member and Full Faculty Listing

Do you need to carry out research in a particular area before you can take your product to the market?
With the best research facilities and qualified technical experts, we are in the right position to fulfill your requirement. Our scientists will design and execute experiments to give you the data that you need.
Contact skills@iiserpune.ac.in to know more.
Collaborative Research Projects
From nanomaterials to biosensors, scientists at IISER Pune are working at the front line of many different domains. Collaborate with us to explore fresh avenues and develop the next new product in your line of business.
Consult our highly qualified scientists to troubleshoot technical glitches in your product or process. Our expertise and experience in research will help you remove the stumbling block that may be holding you back.
Write to skills@iiserpune.ac.in with details of the project and your specific requirements, and we shall identify experts who would be best placed to work on it.
Specialised Technical Services
We have several state-of-the-art research facilities operated by people with the requisite technical expertise. We will process your samples and give you high-quality output to take your research to the next level.
You can see a list of some of the instruments available at IISER Pune on our Specialised Technical Services page. Write to skills@iiserpune.ac.in for availing any of these facilities for your experimental measurements and analyses.
Student Projects (Internships) & Campus Interviews
At IISER Pune research is closely integrated with education. BS-MS as well as PhD students are admitted through a rigorous selection process. Our flagship BS-MS programme incorporates research into the curriculum right from the second year through short and long duration projects in the labs of faculty scientists. Along with a thorough understanding of concepts, our students thus receive hands-on laboratory training and exposure to research. The fifth year of the course is entirely dedicated to a research project, often resulting in authorship on research publications for the students. 
Since they work on 'live' research problems from day one, all our students are thoroughly trained not only in hands-on use of sophisticated equipment but also in trouble shooting, problem solving and evolving new research ideas. We have a fully industry-ready workforce, ready to start working in your organization as soon as they graduate.
If you would like to hire trained manpower for your organization or wish to get research projects done through student internships, we would be happy to organize your visit to IISER Pune for campus interviews. Please contact our Academic Office at skills@iiserpune.ac.in for further details.
To contribute to IISER Pune's activities in any way (monetary or material), contact us at giving-to@iiserpune.ac.in.
You can contribute under your organization's CSR activities, fund specific instruments / facilities or sponsor Endowment Chairs for appointment of professors in particular subject areas. Your contributions will be exempt from income tax under section 80G. 
For more information, visit our Giving to IISER page.
For general enquiries and assistance, write to skills@iiserpune.ac.in.