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IISERs vie for top spot in India in the Nature Index Quantifying Research Output  Apr 22, 2016

IISERs are among the top performers in India for research output as per Nature Index’s list that quantifies research productivity of various institutions for the year Feb. 2015 to Jan. 20161.

As a measure of research output, the Index uses three different parameters: Article Count (AC), Fractional Count (FC), and Weighted Fractional count (WFC) of articles published from various institutions in a group of high-quality science journals. [Read more about Nature Index2 and AC/FC/WFC3].

In terms of Article Count IISERs are in the first place with 143, while for FC (81.84) and WFC (79.10) they come a close second behind the 100-yeard-old Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. The IISERs and IISc are way ahead of other Indian organizations with respect to all parameters1. Last year, the group of five IISERs was ranked fourth in India and among top 50 in Asia Pacific in a list of top scientific institutions published by Nature Index4,5.

This is a commendable achievement for a group of institutions that are all less than ten years old and have to balance the efforts in research with inputs towards their integrated education programmes as well as setting up of infrastructure.

We congratulate all IISERs and wish them further success in future.


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