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Prime Minister's visit to IISER Pune  Dec 07, 2019

Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi visited IISER Pune and met with some of the faculty members and students in a brief but highly interactive gathering. IISER Pune Director Prof Jayant Udgaonkar presented an overview of the institute profile outining the institute's objectives, achievements, and aspirations. He also spoke about the importance of basic science in paving the way for new discoveries and developments that have a broad impact the society. 

Faculty members made short presentations about their research at the institute, focusing on the significance of the work and the outcomes of the research. The research areas that were presented included energy and materials, antimicrobial resistance, embryo development, the epigenetics of malnutrition, mathematical finance, climate science, natural resource mapping and activities of LIGO-India.

The Prime Minister then visited two research facilities on the campus: the supercomputer facility PARAM Brahma that is being deployed at the institute by C-DAC through the National Supercomputing Mission: and the NMR facility that helps researchers determine molecular structure and enables quantum computing.

All through the visit, Prime Minister Shri Modi had extensive discussions on the topics of the presentation and shared his inputs. He was appreciative and supportive of the work being carried out at the institute and he urged researchers to explore ways by which research can help fast-track India's growth.

The institute sincerely thanks the Prime Minister for his valuable time and thoughtful inputs.

Find here an excerpt of the interaction session in English and in Hindi by DD News.