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Science Activity Centre Conducts First Online Demonstration for School Students and Teachers  Jun 08, 2020

Smt. Indrani Balan Science Activity Centre at IISER Pune conducted its first successful live online demonstration on Sunday, June 7, 2020, through YouTube livestreaming.

This was the first of a series of science activity demonstrations, titled Next-Gen Science Camps: Exploring Fun Activities at your Doorstep, with Hands-on Science and Mathematics. The series has been initiated by the Centre in response to the current COVID-19 induced lockdown, where students & teachers are at home, and schools are either closed or beginning to operate online.

SAC First Online Science Demo SAC First Online Science Demo

The topic of this week's demonstration was "Pressure in Fluids". Concepts related to pressure corresponding to the syllabus taught in classes V to X were explored, through demonstrations of about 15 different activities carried out using readily available material like plastic bottles, level tubes, cans, brick, straws, and coloured water. The activities illustrated the formula pressure = force/area and demonstrated the concept of pressure and its applications in daily life: how the pressure of a fluid depends on its density, height and acceleration due to gravity (p = ρgh). Interesting activities like how water stays at the same level in five different types of vessels of different sizes and shapes, kept the audience engaged.

The event received a very positive response from the audience, and about 4,300 viewers watched the demonstrations live. Many more have since watched the recorded version on the internet, with the total number of views crossing 50,000 in one day.