Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 1

PRMT1 belongs to the PRMT family of methyltransferases and catalyse the monomethylation and asymmetric dimethylaion of H4 at arginine 3 position which is responsible for transcriptional activation (PMID: 11387442, PMID: 17891136). PRMT1 mediated H4R3 methylation in the regulatory regions facilitates a primed state of myeloid differentiation upon retinoid induction. This leads to creation of an epigenetic transcriptional memory (PMID: 15964820). It is also reported to regulate nuclear hormone induced transcriptional activation by a dual mode (PMID: 17052457). PRMT1 is a part of an oncogenic transcriptional complex and is thought to be a potential target for therapy (PMID: 17891136). PRMT1 in association with CARM1 is reported to regulate the NF-kB target gene expression (PMID: 18280497).

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Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 1 infosheet
UniprotKB AccessionQ99873
Alternative Name(s)Histone-arginine N-methyltransferase PRMT1, Interferon receptor 1-bound protein 4
Writer for PTM/s H4R3me1, H4R3me2
EC number 2.1.1.-,
No. of coding genesProtein arginine N-methyltransferase 1 is coded by following 1 non-allelic gene/s
Gene nameprotein arginine methyltransferase 1
Gene symbolPRMT1
Promoter region (-700 TSS +300)Get sequence
Previous Symbol/sHRMT1L2
AliasesHCP1, ANM1
Chromosomal location19q13
RefSeq mRNANM_001536.3NM_198318.2
RefSeq ProteinNP_001527.3NP_938074.2
Disease associations
Cancer: Colon cancer; PMID: 19078953

Arginine methyltransferases Histone-arginine methyltransferase CARM1, Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 1, Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 2, Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 5, Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 6, Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 7, Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 8