Histone deacetylase 9

HDAC9 belongs to the Class IIa histone deacetylase group (PMID: 18292778). HDAC9 has been reported to have multiple isoforms. It acts to repress MEF2 mediated transcription (PMID: 11535832).

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Histone deacetylase 9 (HD9) infosheet
UniprotKB AccessionQ9UKV0
Alternative Name(s)Histone deacetylase 7B (HD7, HD7b), Histone deacetylase-related protein, MEF2-interacting transcription repressor MITR
Eraser for PTM/s
EC number
No. of coding genesHistone deacetylase 9 is coded by following 1 non-allelic gene/s
Gene namehistone deacetylase 9
Gene symbolHDAC9
Promoter region (-700 TSS +300)Get sequence
Previous Symbol/s
AliasesKIAA0744, HDAC, MITR, HD7, HDAC7B
Chromosomal location7p21.1
RefSeq mRNANM_014707.1NM_058176.2NM_178423.1NM_178425.2
RefSeq ProteinNP_055522.1NP_478056.1NP_848510.1NP_848512.1
Disease associations
Cardiac disorders: Cardiac hypertrophy and stress; PMID: 15367668

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