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H3K9 methylation is linked to transcriptional repression. LSD1 dependent demethylation of H3K9 leads to de-repression of androgen receptor target genes (PMID: 16079795 ). Monomethylated H4K20 and H3K9 act cooperatively to mark distinct regions of silent chromatin within the mammalian epigenome (PMID: 16517599).

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H3K9me1 infosheet
Modified variants Histone H3.1, Histone H3.2, Histone H3.3
Writer/s Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-9 specific 3
Eraser/s Lysine-specific demethylase 3A, Lysine-specific demethylase 3B, Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1A
Disease associationsNo disease associations known for H3K9me1

Sites of lysine methylation H1K186me1, H1K25me1, H2BK5me1, H3K27me1, H3K27me2, H3K27me3, H3K36me1, H3K36me2, H3K36me3, H3K4me1, H3K4me2, H3K4me3, H3K79me1, H3K79me2, H3K79me3, H3K9me1, H3K9me2, H3K9me3, H4K20me1, H4K20me2, H4K20me3